Amana Retreats

An identity with a balance for the mindful woman

Amana Retreats is an exclusive well-being and lifestyle club in Lagos providing a calm escape away from city life for like-minded women. The overall visual identity is designed to be easily recognisable and embody the essence of Amana Retreats - an oasis of tranquillity and calmness, where women learn to lead a healthy well-rounded lifestyle.


brand colours

Amana is represented with a colour palette that is inspired by its natural environment. In designing the identity, we paid particular attention to and drew nuances from the physical space so the identity is an extension of the space.

Billboard showing Amana logo placed on a photo of a model reading a magazine
Three cards showing images of a model in a garden, a picnic scene and a model in a swimming pool
Card reading mindfulness with a photo inset of a model stretching and Amana logomark
Three coloured cards reading welcome to the retreat placed on top of a photograph of a swimming pool
Amana logomark on a textured paper


The logoword uses a geometric serif that balances personality, tradition and novelty. To add a sense of fluidity to the logo, a swirl accent is placed at the middle A inviting you further into tranquility and calmness. We designed the logomark as a badge of honour in serving The Amana woman. The logomark comprises 2 graphical elements - the interlocking As and the circles, both in 3’s creating a balance in the design. The brand icon is an outline illustration of the Amana house, a symbol of authenticity and originality.

Paper packaging with engraved Amana logoword and logomark
Card reading To my Amana women with an illustration of a hand writing
Smiling model lying on a grass


The identity is complemented with a set of brand imagery that reflects the retreat’s pillars with the mindful woman in mind. All images were shot onsite at Amana Retreats. Models: Khaliyah/Subomi

Three iphone screens showing images of a model sitting on a bed, text and a newsletter


We refined Amana’s brand strategy to expand its storytelling with the inclusion of brand pillars and tagline “Meet Yourself”, an invitation for The Amana woman to reach deeper into herself, unearthing, discovering and embracing each new layer as a journey.

Cards and envelope designed with Amana logo and images
Closeup of invitation card titled Welcome to the Retreat
Image of a lounge sitting area on a card designed with Amana logo
Closeup of Amana brand pattern on a paper
"Working with Asmah was nothing short of a DREAM! Her attention to detail, efficiency and commitment to her work is so refreshing and inspiring. The whole process of developing a brand and visual identity felt so natural, easy and authentic to us that I’ve refused to accept that she is just a colleague and not a sister. Thank you SO much BlackPepper for a FANTASTIC job and for creating a timeless identity for Amana!" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Oti Tongo of Amana Retreats