Arami Essentials

Celebrating the body with a refined brand presence

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Brand Images credit: Arami Essentials

brand colours

We refined Arami Essentials brand colours to build an overall colour system of background/text and accent colours. The palette introduces warmer black and white tones to present a more calming presence to the brand. Taking inspiration from the colour of the products, the accent palette is refined to allow for a simple and serene form of expression.

Two paper bags showing Arami logo and illustration on a marble table
Three silhouette of bodies
Newsletter titled Meet our oils with various stylised images of oils
Girl sitting on a chair with the words Magnolia linen top and shorts set written
Newsletter titled The gift of rose with two skincare product containers


Paying particular attention to the need of creating a cohesive brand presence for increased global recognition, we introduced three distinct typefaces for the brand's uses - Ivy Presto Display, Satoshi and Sackers Gothic, each chosen for their individual simplicity but when paired together creates an established look and feel.

Text and image cut out collage reading our lounge collection with the lounge style
Paper box with Arami logo at the top and a short paragraph of text on the lid
White paper box showing an illustration of a female body silhouette
Interchanging gif of three body silhouette

"My Body is"

For Arami’s 5th Anniversary packaging design, we developed “My Body is...” as an ode to the bodies Arami has been nurturing, nourishing and taking care of for the past 5 years. We designed three silhouettes that put the spotlight on the centre subject “bodies” honouring the body that consumers have deemed worthy to nurture and indulge through Arami. The silhouettes are drawn in a brushstroke style making the artwork informal, playful, imperfect and more personable

Paper card showing a female body silhouette and Arami logo

Patterned illustrations of skincare containers with ribbons on a paper
Ribboned brown packaging box with Arami logo
Open box showing patterned illustrations of skincare containers with ribbons
Card designed with baubles and christmas tree placed on a marble surface