Le Coeur donne

Making gifting more thoughtful and personal

Le Coeur Donne is a gifting service targeted at people interested in gifting unique, thoughtful, and luxurious items. The identity presented here integrates these elements in a practical and distinct design to experience the intention behind the brand.


brand colours

The colour palette is subtle yet distinctive. Bearing in mind the versatile nature of gifts, we wanted the brand colours to be easily adaptable and recognizable while complementing each gift it accompanies.

Two cards showing Le coeur donne's logo placed on top of a black and white luxurious table setting image
Two paper boxes with Le coeur donne's logo opened halfway to show Le coeur donne's brand patttern
A rounded rectangle reading "Bespoke gifting from the heart" around it with flowers and a wrapped gift inside it
Two ribboned giftboxes engraved with Le coeur donne's logo
A building window decorated with Le coeur donne's logo


We wanted to design a logo that felt timeless and adaptable to gifting items and gifting packaging. The logo word is a clear word-based identity with a wavy line inserted in the D, representing a piece of a ribbon, a key element in gifting. To complement the logo word while acting as a key storytelling element is the brand icon illustrated to show elements of gifting elegantly. We designed different submarks and brand patterns as secondary elements to be used for print and digital applications, all keeping within the theme of simplicity and timelessness.

Three boxes stacked horizontally showing Le coeur donne's logoword
Le coeur donne's logoword placed on top of an image of a black and white luxurious table setting
Three illustrated boxes with Le coeur donne logo placed above and bespoke gifting placed below
Diagonal Le coeur donne pattern on a paper

Two cards, one showing Le coeur donne's logo on the left and the other showing an image of luxurious flowers with le coeur donne logo on the right

Le coeur donne's logomark placed on top of a luxurious black and white image of flowers and a ribboned gift
Two cards, one showing Le coeur donne's brand icon on the left and diagonal Le coeur donne pattern on the right
Three pictures pinned to a wall showing luxurious table setting with le coeur donne's logo
Three cards showing luxurious floral arrangements, ribboned gift box and table setting with Le coeur's donne logo
" I knew if anyone was ever going to ever work on my branding for any business I want to start, it would be The Blackpepper Studio” 
I reached out to The Black Pepper about Le Cœur Donne with my whole heart knowing that I would not have to worry about professionalism or perfection and I didn’t. From the start to the end, it was seamless. They made sure to carry me along at every stage and even helped with ideas I didn’t think about. I love my new branding and my logo, down to the icon is perfect for me. I can see my logo being a Timeless one and it's thanks to The Blackpepper Studio. Forever my go-to company for branding." 

- Kawthar of Le Cœur Donne.