Setting the stage for emerging fashion talents.

Curated by Stéphanie Chendjou, Ndaane is a platform for emerging African Fashion Talents to get discovered and tell their stories, passion and challenges through thoughtful curation. Stéphanie came to us because Ndaane didn’t have a clear and distinctive visual identity. She wanted the brand to be quickly identified in the crowd. We designed Ndaane’s visual identity with this in mind - the combination of the identity elements creates an immediately recognisable and bold presence for Ndaane wherever it is used, cementing the platform as the trusted resources for emerging African fashion talents.


Brand images credit: Ndaane

brand colours

We designed Ndaane brand colors as a muted canvas to allow images to live in a non-competitive layout. The brand colors are also chosen to imitate custom tactile paper shades. We introduced a gradient shade to represent optimism and to add a contrast to the paper shades.

A paper in a plastic pouch with branding
A magazine spread with texts and images
A poster laid on a stone next to a grass
A textured paper with text and an image
A tote bag on a cushioned chair


The Ndaane logo word is inspired by a strong editorial presence graphically designed to emphasise the letter “D”, as the letter “N” in the brand name is silent when pronounced phonetically. We designed the Logomark suite as a collection of 6 marks comprising a stylised version of the N paired with punctuation marks. Just like the varied talents Ndaane showcases, we designed the marks to represent versatility and forms of expression as well as an ode to the symbols often used in written media.

A brown envelope with branding
A shadowed setting with business cards on a table
An image placed on a gradient background
Two business cards


The typefaces were paired to establish an editorial feel while maintaining a radical contrast in the communication. As a platform for emerging talents, we wanted to create a recognisable display where talent’s names stand out in headlines or a body of text. To achieve this, we introduced Syne by Bonjour Monde and Lucas Descroix in the bold weight to highlight talents' names and words of interest while Boogy Brut Poster White by Bureau Brut with its true contemporary style creates the perfect visual interest and contrast.

A textured paper with an image and texts


We realigned Ndaane’s brand messaging to create the tagline “Emerging African Fashion Talents. Thoughtfully Curated. Discovered for you.” A tagline that reflects Ndaane’s passion and goal to serve as a platform for emerging African fashion talents to be discovered through thoughtful curation and content in a bid to grow the industry, audience, and opportunities and to connect fashion creatives to each other.

A wall with three branded posters
Three mobile phone showing images and text layout
A credenza with some books and flower vases placed on top
Two branded business cards placed atop each other
An open book spread showing text and images
"I came to TBP as I felt like Ndaane didn’t have a clear and distinctive visual identity as a brand. I wanted the brand to be quickly identified in the crowd and I appreciated the aesthetic and luxury feel of their designs. Besides building the brand visual identity, working on the brand strategy with TBP has helped me better articulate Ndaane’s vision and refine the direction I wanted to take. From the first introduction call to post-project troubleshooting, my conversations with Asmah have always been easy and natural. During the whole brand strategy and identity workshops, she was involved and cared about Ndaane. She really wanted to capture the essence of the brand and put the work behind it. As our work together came to an end, I loved the follow-up and proactive suggestions to improve the website experience. They’ve been very kind, supportive and always available to answer all my questions.  Working with TBP was a delight, I would definitely recommend them to others! Thank you so much Asmah and Nkenna!"

- Stéphanie Chendjou, Ndaane