The Hills SCC

Designing a homage to home for The Hills Signature Candle Collection

The studio worked with Chep and Chebet Chichir, the sisters creating natural, eco- friendly and premium candles hand poured with love in Nairobi, Kenya.


Brand images credit: The Hills SCC.

brand colours

The brand colours were developed to complement the earthy attributes of the brand while also paying close attention to the scent profiles so the colours could be adapted to existing and new scent

Coloured circle showing The Hills logo, Pomelo & Basil and Hand poured in Kenya placed on a plant image
Black and white plant photograph with the Hills logo placed on top
Hand holding a candle box in a garden
The Hills logo placed on top of a collage image of plants
Hand holding a champagne glass and a paper bag containing some flowers, a candle and champagne glass in the background.


We designed a responsive logoword that is simple at a glance but on a closer look plays reference to the hills with the strokes of the letter A removed.

The Hills logo placed on top of a collage image of plants
Three rows of four cards showing illustrations of flowers with text reading floral, musky, fresh and sweet
Iphone screen showing a circle reading Antique brass
Two candle boxes floating on a background


The garden collection plays both a homage to the gardens and Butterfly center in Nairobi and introduces a new scent category to the local candle market. The collection invites you to pay attention, "we want people to be appreciative of their surrounding around them." We designed the packaging to evoke the feeling of stepping into a garden - with illustrations of flowers matching the collection's scents and fauna accompanying the scents, embossed on the box for a tactile garden experience. The logo takes a gold foil finish reminiscent of a sunny day in the garden.

candle labels on a background


For The Hills SCC., staying true to the brand’s roots is an important part of their values so we incorporated illustrations of hills reminiscent of the hills in Nairobi, Kenya onto the outer packaging, evoking that mindfulness every time a consumer interacts with the packaging.

The Hills Packaging
Candles and orange peels on a table
Coloured circle showing The Hills logo, White gardenia & jasmine agave and Hand poured in Kenya placed on top of a black and white plant image
Four coloured circles placed on top of a photograph of a hill
"Asmah’s work is absolutely incredible! She delivered and completely understood what we wanted our brand to emulate. She met all deadlines as expected and we couldn’t be happier as a brand to see our vision come to life. She was very welcoming to all the changes we wanted, although they were minimal, she hit the nail on the head. We’re extremely happy!"

- Chep and Chebet Chirchir of The Hills SCC.