Balancing thoughtful nuances with understated elegance for AYMD DESIGNS


Brand images credit: AYMD DESIGNS

brand colours

We introduced colours purposefully throughout the identity to create a clean and understated look. Complimenting the monotoned primary colours are two warmer tones to further add depth to the identity.

Closeup of business card showing AYMD logo and texts Architectural + Interior design and Aymd Designs
Three Iphone screen showing still images of a website
Folder envelope of two sizes showing AYMD DESIGNS's logo
Four coloured rectangles reading interior design, architectural design, f&f procurement and project management
Moving image of paper


The composition of the logo mark has its unique symmetry and placement contrasting thin and thick lines to create a structural look. The visual identity extends to the purposeful use of lines. We introduced two lines cued from the contrast in the thinness and thickness of our logo mark that serves as containers and layout margins. The lines can be expanded, compressed, or widened to adapt to the layout.

Card with AYMD DESIGN's logo placed on a black texture surface and a glass pane
Back of an envelope reading Aymd designs Architectural + Interior design London
Closeup of texts titled About


Maintaining the idea of understated elegance, AYMD DESIGNS uses Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro from Monotype for all brand uses. With its slim and smooth corner edges, Neue Haas Grotesk Display Pro lends a clean, sharp, and legible look to the brand’s applications.

Three layouts showing envelope, document pages and document cover page


The visual identity elements combine seamlessly with thoughtful white spaces to immerse you in the studio’s work and information. Employing a portfolio style, the website celebrates AYMD DESIGNS works with its large framed imagery and simple project overview. Purposeful animations were used throughout the website for seamless transitions across pages and works.

Tape showing AYMD DESIGNS's logo
Iphone screen showing contact form placed on top of a luxurious image of a room
Envelope with AYMD DESIGNS logo on a black background