Elle est

Identity design for Elle Est, a contemporary womenswear brand designed, sourced and made to order in New York City.

Elle Est’s clothing is defined by the idea of “versatile simplicity with art sensibilities” so in working with Tamika Wilkins, Elle Est’s founder, we crafted an identity that is versatile, expressive but equally fluid.


Brand images credit: Elle est

brand colours

The mix of colours is intentional to reenergize the brand, providing more room for expression and simplicity without playing too safe.

Elle est's logomark placed on top of a black and white image of a model
Three Iphone screens showing images of models with Elle est's logo and brand pattern
Cropped packaging box opened halfway to show Elle est's brand pattern and two cards reading Define Yourself
Two cloth tags showing Elle est's logo


The logo word is designed with femininity and fluidity in mind with intersecting e’s to emphasize the meeting point of the brand name. The logo word takes two forms creating flexibility in its usage while the monogram adds an extension to the logo.

Packaging box opened halfway to show Elle est's brand pattern placed on a black and white image of a model
Geometric shapes forming a continous brand pattern


The patterns are designed to enhance the brand’s attitude, a bold arrangement of simple shapes juxtaposed to show structure and fluidity. The patterns make room for versatility, consistency and an expression that accurately reflects the spirit of Elle Est.

Packaging box opened halfway to show Elle est's brand pattern and two cards showing geometric shapes


To aid storytelling, we designed a set of illustrations that echoes the form and texture present in Elle Est’s designs.

Tote bag designed with illustration placed on a chair next to a window
Three cards showing different illustrations of stylish women
Front and back of a business card placed side by side with images of models
Two tote bags with illustration and pattern designs
"Working with Asmah was such an enjoyable experience. From the initial consultation to receiving the final products she was very communicative, and clearly understood the direction I wanted to go in with my brand. If I had feedback or wanted to see different renderings, she was patient with me, and was more than willing to accommodate my requests so that the product I received was to my liking. She has a clear eye for design, and I would happily work with her again."

- Tamika Wilkins, Elle est