Nutmeg & Ginger

Designing a visual experience for the bakery making baked goods to indulge your senses

Pairing classic dessert offerings with a modern twist, Nutmeg and Ginger is re-imagining how desserts should make you feel. In true reflection of the baked goods offering a feast for your eyes and mouth, we first set to create a brand tagline “Indulge your senses” that would roll out into different elements of the identity.


Brand images credit: Nutmeg and Ginger

brand colours

Referencing the idea of indulging your senses, we developed brand colours that “pop” at every turn, allowing you to fully immerse yourself visually into this world of baked goods.

Three coloured cards with illustrations placed on a black and white image of a cake
Card with brand description on a shadow velvet surface
Stack of business cards showing the top of the card designed with Nutmeg and Ginger's logo
Card with Nutmeg and Ginger's placed halfway in a envelope
Paper titled Our Seal of Quality placed on a green fabric sofa


The brand fonts are paired to create a contrast of an established editorial presence with a humble personal touch.

Interchanging images of Nutmeg and Ginger's website
Nutmeg and Ginger's website page reading featured collection and showing image of a cake overlay with text reading chocolate sponge with whipped buttercream
Iphone screen showing image of a cake with text reading chocolate sponge with whipped buttercream
Three pouches placed next to each other vertically with Nutmeg and Ginger brand pattern


The main logo design is a play on using a rolling pin, a classic baking equipment to roll out simple typography resulting in the dynamic logo look. Supporting the logo are brand icons designed from baking equipment that can translate into any brand asset from stickers to postcards to wrapping paper. The dynamic design of the icons makes them very flexible to be used across a number of mediums without being too monotonous.

Tote bag designed with Nutmeg and Ginger brand pattern on a green sofa

Digital Experience

Building on the brand identity, we designed a website that is playful, informative, and thoroughly showcases any recipes or products from the bakery. We customised every experience through the website from the page preloaders to the cursor and down to the cookies consent to really immerse the visitor into the Nutmeg and Ginger world. The website is designed to uniquely respond to mobile viewing. With subtle and purposeful animation throughout the website, the products and relevant information are presented seamlessly as you interact further with the website - so there is no information overload at any point.

Three iphone screen showing Nutmeg and Ginger's website pages
Six coloured circles showing illustrations placed on top of a black and white image of a cake
Two card showing picture of a cake at the top and postcard below
Nutmeg and Ginger's logo placed on a heavily decorated cake image
An exceptional experience.  Creative and ingenious, TBP has a way of making a simple idea/brand come to full bloom/life. Colours that evoke emotions, typography that engages with the core of your brand and a customer service that almost makes you want to call them your best friends.

- Aisha M.W of N&G