An identity inspired by the roundness and gusto of the Citrus

Crafting specially curated meals, Osan Restaurant takes its inspiration from the buoyancy of the Citrus. At Osan Restaurant, meals are wholesome, hearty and layered with flavour. Osan is a Yoruba word meaning Orange so the letter O played a multi reference to the branding.


Images Credit: Edward Howell/ Louis Hansel

brand colours

The brand colours borrow directly from the vibrant contrast of an Orange. The colour palette is exciting and fresh as it lays the framework for print and digital collaterals.

Three coloured book spines engraved with "recipes" and Osan logomark
Three paper pouches designed with Osan brand patterns
Three coloured olive oil bottles standing vertically next to each other
A book cover reading "recipes" and showing an image of a cheese and two book spines engraved with "recipes" and Osan logomark
Osan logo reading "osan" and "inspired by the gusto and roundness of the citrus"


The logo word is designed with roundness in mind as the letters take a simple but comforting form and flow. Playing with the letter O equally as a reference to the roundness of the Orange, the logomark is instantly adaptable and also creates a recognizable brand detail. We further explored the Citrus outline as a submark to make the identity more rounded in its storytelling.

An olive oil bottle, three coloured book spines and a card showing an image of a soup
Three napkins decorated with Osan brand pattern placed on top of a marble surface
Osan logomark engraved on a paper
A card reading a Yoruba proverb placed on a top on an image of a cheese

A restaurant signage showing Osan logoword

Three jam jars in front of a recipes book front cover
An open matchstick box showing the Osan logomark
Outline of a cirtus engraved on a paper
An orange textured paper reading a Yoruba proverb