Where thoughtful details meets simple silhouette

Twentysix, a womenswear brand and recipient of the YOU.ME.RESET call in 2020 by The Blackpepper Studio to assist small businesses with their most pressing visual needs.


Brand images credit: Twentysix

brand colours

Rich and vibrant colours were introduced to Twentysix to present a confident and memorable identity.

Two business cards designed with Twentysix logo and brand pattern resting on a sofa
Three coloured envelopes showing Twentysix logo and brand pattern
 Model posing with a text reading Double breasted loose set
Stylised Twentysix logo placed over a model wearing a dress
Twentysix logo on a coloured background


The Twentysix brand identity has been developed to embody a fresh take on craftsmanship and thoughtful detailing coined from the brand’s ethos. The full logo presents a seamless and refined identity for Twentysix across all touchpoints from print to online. The logomark, a literal representation of 26, is rounded and enclosed to give a timeless appeal.

Stationery suite of Twentysix business cards, letterhead papers and envelopes places on a textured shadow background
Twentysix logo on a coloured background
Stack of business cards showing front and back of the card
Background interchanging to show brand patterns


The pattern designs were developed as an extension of the logo to amplify the identity while creating more opportunities to utilize the design across a wide use of applications.

Paper shopping bag designed with Twentysix logo and brand pattern

Two notebooks placed on top of each other designed with Twentysix logo and brand pattern
Two cards showing artwork at the front and thank you for shopping note at the back
Twentysix logo placed on a brand patterned background
Cloth tag showing Twentysix logo placed on a fabric
Collage showing Twentysix brand pattern on the left and Twentysix logo on a black and white fabric image on the right
"Asmah was such a delight to work with. The branding process was seamless and professional. She started with understanding the brand's need with guided questions and was an excellent listener throughout. The results led to the most amazing identity design, couldn't be happier. Black Pepper studio turned my brand around and did way beyond what I hoped for."

- Desola of Twentysix